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Search, discover and follow

Helps you uncover your niche.

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Customisable to the core

Personalisation available for it all- from feed to themes.

Weird, odd and strange news clutter

Cut the unneccesary clutter

Detangle anything which seems irrelevant to your choices.

Save the important, interesting, good and positive stuff to notepad

Save the important stuff

Found something interesting? Cut the slack and save it directly to savor it yet again- later.

Share is Caring! Share the Happiness all around the world

Sharing is Caring!

Share your favourite news with family and friends, And spread the happiness.

Daily Notification on your tips

Notification on your tips

Get notified about your favourite topics on preferred socail-media platform.

It's all for free.

And of course, we not only curate content but produce it.

Be a part of India's first crowd sourced news reporting and curation platform

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With our unique customization tools, we provide Seamless navigation merged with cutting-edge technology. Providing an overall premium experience

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to hoax and unwanted negativity.

Say BYE to Odd, Weird, Strange and Harmful News

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