Hello. We are offbeat.

Our mission
Ignite intellect & innovation through information centricity.

To combat all the negativity present around you, we bring forth a waft of fresh air, aligned with your interests. Thereby, letting you discover optimistic and cheerful stories curated specifically for you.

Our story

For years, when reading news from different platforms, we realised just how difficult it is to go through them without being assaulted with notifications of a new disaster, conflict, and other upsetting events. Which in-turn has an impact on our thinking, behavior, and emotions.

While much of the media is full of doom and gloom, we are dedicated to deliver quality news about what’s going right, helping you to see the big picture. We believe that positive stories can help build better empathy for all, which is essential for a more meaningfull and fulfilled society.

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Who we are for

For the small and big explorer, reader, reporter and optimist within you.

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So WHY did we create OffBeat?

We believe that news is meant to keep people informed and not to scare them. Positive information makes people have better creative ideas/solutions and leads to better mental health. We are the "Media for Future". Our motto is to build desires to solve problems and then share their ideas with the world.