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accessible. actionable. fun. stressfree. inspiring.

Smart curation of niche, insightful and positive-intended news content based upon user, content and user's interaction with content.

Staying Informed about latest news

How does it work?

Searching news videos on mobile

Find your niche

Helping you to search, discover, and follow your interests. Merged with a seamless experience.

Enchanter filtering out the odd and weird news

Filtering Negativity

Automatic filtering and enabled customization tools will help you filter the unwanted news you're bombarded by on a daily basis.

Happy group of people

Global to Local- We got it all!

Latest news across international and national borders, while maintaining diversity to deliver content which actually impacts your daily lives.

News is meant to keep you informed.
Not to mislead or scare you.

To curb the menace of negativity, we properly filter news, strictly beneficial for your growth-focusing on progress, possibilities and solutions.

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Built for Optimists, designed to inspire.

Staying updated is now fun.

Explorer searching for righteous news


Catering to the needs of the mini explorer within you, helping you research and discover new stories worth following.

Daily readers of good news and articles

Daily Readers

Enhancing your knowledge base and keeping you up-to-date, by introducing you to the noteworthy topics, curated specifically for you.

Reporters being happy and cheerful for positive news


In a bid to change the face of the news media company, we have a stock of news that will help reporters to take cues from and thus build their pool.

Staying well informed and of sane mind

is the foundation for great ideas and better mental health

We would love to show you what we have built.

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